martedì 25 dicembre 2007

Thousands throng Christmas celebrations in Bethlehem

Bethlehem – Ma’an – “This land belongs to God. It must not be for some a land of life and for others a land of occupation and a political prison." (...)

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... Buon Natale ...

domenica 16 dicembre 2007

back home ....

ormai non mi tocca più niente ...
poche domande, ribaltamento del bagaglio ma niente di nuovo...
ciao ciao Ramallah ...

sabato 15 dicembre 2007

venerdì 14 dicembre 2007

giovedì 13 dicembre 2007

Gaza makes an appeal to you!

About 60 years have passed since our Palestinian catastrophe (Nakba).
Palestinian people have passed through and tasted several sufferings and calamities, and the Gaza Strip, which includes about 1.5 million people, 75% of them refugees, got a big share of this suffering.
By the start of the 2nd Intifada in 2000, Israeli Occupation violated all the taboos international conventions and has tortured Palestinians severely.
In the meantime, the harsh siege imposed on the Gaza Strip has been continuing for the past seven months, but with more cruelty. The siege hinders the freedom movement for people and goods into and out of the Gaza Strip. Therefore, the humanitarian situation has severely deteriorated and the fragile Gaza economy is dying out. That economy was already weak due to
Occupation procedures is now on its knees. Accordingly, the Gaza Strip has turned into a big "Ghetto". All Gaza houses carry stories of pain and suffering!
Basically, the Gaza Strip depends on importing goods through the Occupied Territories that are under Israeli occupation control. Since the start of this siege, the Occupation has prevented raw materials from coming into the Gaza Strip as well as banning the exportation of Palestinian homemade goods!
Additionally, unemployment rates have reached a sharp level of 70% percent.
Therefore, Gaza civilians have not been able to even secure their basic human needs, in addition to the dramatic decrease of income which reached less than $650 per capita yearly.
Until this moment, the Occupation has failed in subjugating the Gazans.
Thus, Occupation is seeking all methods and means to reach this subjugation.
Occupation is targeting all economic aspects in the Gaza Strip. All industry, which amounts to 3,700 workshops and factories, have closed - resulting in making 65,000 laborers unemployed. As the siege continues, farmers joined the harmed classes, especially in the most significant
agricultural season. Thus, another 20,000 laborers became unemployed.
As for the Gaza crossings, there are 5 crossings and borders points that link the Gaza Strip with the world. Four crossings are with the occupied territories and the 5th with Egypt, the "Rafah Terminal". The Occupation takes full control of the 5 crossing points, thus they have made them become completely deteriorated and closed. Occupation doesn't allow people to move outside Gaza but neither are they allowed to come into it. Moreover, it allows some foodstuffs to get into Gaza Strip while raw materials and other sorts of foods are banned from entry.
Statistics report that 37 trucks of these goods are present, while the Gaza Strip needs at least 300 vans per day that bring in raw materials, goods and commodities.
In the health field, there is real danger, as sick people have double trouble with a life of suffering. Occupation doesn't permit medical parts and medications to be brought in. Besides, this occupation prevents sick people to leave abroad for treatment.
Reports and statistics issued by health sections say that there 1500 people in urgent need to undergo surgery for various diseases like kidney failure, heart disease and cancer of all sorts. Three hundred of those sick people are in a very dangerous situation.
More than 137 medical machines are out of order due to unavailability of spare parts, 23 of these machines are for kidney dialysis out of 66 machines. Eighty-six sorts of medications have vanished and another 132 kinds will be not available soon!
Since the launch of Popular Committee Against Siege, PCAS, in November 2007, 29 victims resulted from siege have been counted. Those victims were from the sick people banning from travel. They died in front of cameras and the whole world witnessed the way they died. Yet, no one has done anything or taken any action. Those sick victims were always wondering and asking?when will we travel to be treated? This same question is being asked by hundred
of other sick people!
As for infrastructure domain, the projects of water, sanitation, school and health utilities have stopped due to closure. Raw materials needed in operating these projects were banned from importation into the Gaza Strip.
250 million dollars were earmarked to these projects, and thousand of workers would have benefited directly, not to mention the projects by the UNRWA that are suspended. 93 million dollars that would help people directly are not being spent, as 16,000 people would benefit from this aid. Beside this, the Occupation has decreased petrol supplies that have affected water
and sanitation wells which have since stopped working. Educational, health and other structures were closed, not to mention, there is no available stationary for students. In addition, young people who study abroad were not able to travel back to continue their study in their universities, and their futures are threatened. Some families risk losing the possibility of
re-entry into Gaza.
More than 25 municipality councils are about to suspend providing services for Gaza residents. These cancellations depend fundamentally on fuel, such as the collection of waste and trash.
The previously mentioned images are just some of what the Palestinian people are going through in the Gaza Strip. Occupation is besieging Gazans and violating international charters and human rights conventions including the IV Geneva Protocols and the International Declaration of Human Rights.
Since PCAS started working to face this siege, it has contacted many figures and parties. Yet, we have not heard any position or stance that has been taken. There are no factual actions to alleviate the suffering of people.
Thus, we call upon you and we ask persons of conscious to move on and please do something, even by words, in order to help tens of thousands to avoid a crisis that seems inevitable.

Ramy Abdu Spokesman Popular Committee Against Siege

lunedì 10 dicembre 2007

sabato 8 dicembre 2007

my political standing

I did the test... and this is the result!!!

Your political compass Economic Left/Right: -6.50
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.15

venerdì 7 dicembre 2007


In quei giorni un decreto di Cesare Augusto ordinò che si facesse il censimento di tutta la terra. (Luca 2,1)
c'è il censimento 2007 in giro per la Palestina o, per essere precisi, per il West Bank: infatti a Gaza non c'è nessun censimento in corso...
comunque hanno intervistato anche me e a parte la stranezza per avere in casa due computer portatili ma nessuna lavatrice, la cosa più difficile è stata spiegare che il mio nome è fatto di nome e cognome e basta, non ci sono altri nomi in mezzo (qua tutti hanno anche i "middle" names, il nome del papà e del nonno... ma noi no!) e non era convinto il mio intervistatore....

giovedì 6 dicembre 2007

Israele: dopo Annapolis, ordinaria amministrazione

Il summit di Annapolis non sembra aver avuto il minimo effetto sulla politica israeliana, né sull'opinione pubblica della maggioranza ebraica della popolazione. Il commento più diffuso è di bonaria condiscendenza verso Bush: l'alleato americano ha chiesto a Olmert di prestarsi ad un piccolo spettacolo mediatico e sarebbe stato scortese rifiutare. Una volta chiuso il sipario, si torna alla normalità dell'Occupazione. (...)

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mercoledì 5 dicembre 2007

What are you doing December 8th?

We're using the internet to mount a "virtual global march" on Bali - and anyone can join in. The world's delegates are gathering there from 3-14 December to decide: will they take decisive action on climate change, or ramble and delay?
It's up to us to make sure they hear a massive global outcry. This Saturday, December 8, a wave of protests and marches will sweep the globe--we can make sure it crests at the summit doorstep.
Just join the virtual march below: Avaaz members in Bali will carry your flag and a sign with the number of people who've signed from your country.

Join the March - Sign the Petition to Leaders at Bali:
Climate change is the greatest threat facing our world today - and we are almost out of time to stop it. You must tackle this problem now, decisively and together. Start working toward a new global agreement this year. Set binding global targets for emissions to avert catastrophic climate change. Take bold action immediately - and we will join our efforts with yours.

martedì 4 dicembre 2007

a good new

.... libero ...

domenica 2 dicembre 2007

the One State Declaration

In light of these stark realities, we affirm our commitment to a democratic solution that will offer a just, and thus enduring, peace in a single state based on the following principles:
  • The historic land of Palestine belongs to all who live in it and to those who were expelled or exiled from it since 1948, regardless of religion, ethnicity, national origin or current citizenship status;
  • Any system of government must be founded on the principle of equality in civil, political, social and cultural rights for all citizens. Power must be exercised with rigorous impartiality on behalf of all people in the diversity of their identities;
  • There must be just redress for the devastating effects of decades of Zionist colonization in the pre- and post-state period, including the abrogation of all laws, and ending all policies, practices and systems of military and civil control that oppress and discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, religion or national origin;
  • The recognition of the diverse character of the society, encompassing distinct religious, linguistic and cultural traditions, and national experiences;
  • The creation of a non-sectarian state that does not privilege the rights of one ethnic or religious group over another and that respects the separation of state from all organized religion;
  • The implementation of the Right of Return for Palestinian refugees in accordance with UN Resolution 194 is a fundamental requirement for justice, and a benchmark of the respect for equality;
  • The creation of a transparent and nondiscriminatory immigration policy;
  • The recognition of the historic connections between the diverse communities inside the new, democratic state and their respective fellow communities outside;
  • In articulating the specific contours of such a solution, those who have been historically excluded from decision-making -- especially the Palestinian Diaspora and its refugees, and Palestinians inside Israel -- must play a central role;
  • The establishment of legal and institutional frameworks for justice and reconciliation.
(The One State Declaration)

sabato 1 dicembre 2007

the day after Annapolis

Arab and Israeli delegates who took part in the Annapolis diplomatic fiesta should be coming down from the excitement of the world-observed event to the sad truth of reality on the ground: continued Israeli occupation of Arab territories faced by a mix of deep resentment and outright resistance. (...)

(fonte Dina Ezzat, Al-Ahram Weekly, Nov 30, 2007)