mercoledì 10 marzo 2010

Israeli court to hear civil case over death of Rachel Corrie in Gaza

An Israeli court today is to begin hearing a civil suit brought against the Israeli government over the death of Rachel Corrie, the US activist who was killed by an Israeli army bulldozer in Gaza seven years ago. (...)
Corrie, who was born in Olympia, Washington, travelled to Gaza to act as a human shield at a moment of intense conflict between the Israeli military and the Palestinians. On the day she died, when she was just 23, she was dressed in a fluorescent orange vest and was trying to stop the demolition of a Palestinian home in Rafah. She was crushed under a military Caterpillar D9R bulldozer and died shortly afterwards. (...)

fonte The Guardian

venerdì 5 marzo 2010

time flies

... and I don't write so often ...
I just came back from Palestine, a very short staying in Ramallah and Jerusalem to attend a National Conference of the Palestinian MoEHE (Ministry of Education and Higher Education)... meeting new colleagues, teachers and students, dinners with very old friends and loosing some other friends ...
Ramallah is growing up somehow, becoming bigger with the same contradictions of the "5 stars prison" (as Amira Hass call it); and the magic Dome of the Rock and the small streets of the old town where I like to walk without knowing where to go, I can really loose myself there and forget everything.
Everything has changed, absolutely nothing changed.